Dr. Eboni L. Truss

Leadership consultant | Mentor

Founder of the Un-becoming movement

Unlocking Destinies!

Dr. Eboni L Truss has a powerful speaking gift ​that transforms individuals, companies, ministries, ​and governments. As a result, purpose, power, ​and potential are rediscovered and unlocked in ​the places and spaces where she shares.

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Dr. Eboni L

Dr. Eboni L. is a woman of purpose, passion, and a global voice of ​knowledge and wisdom, especially in the marketplace. Her teaching ​and training empowers leaders to rediscover what they were born to ​say and do so that they show up in the world powerfully, purposefully, ​and productively.

The author of 2 transformative books, she has a particular and power-​filled calling and capacity to lead you into rediscovering your authentic ​self so that you can lead in a way that leaves a generational legacy.

She is an international speaker and best-selling author, but more ​importantly, Dr. Eboni L. is the wife to James and mom to two amazing ​and handsome sons.

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Speaking Topics

Dr. Eboni L. is available to speak for KEYNOTE, WORKSHOPS, IN-PERSON, and VIRTUAL EVENTS.




Using the 7 "ingredients" contained in this talk, Dr. ​Eboni L. will equip your audience to discover the ​path to rediscovering their purpose, understanding ​why they matter, and how to live authentically so ​that they express their unique influence within their ​spheres.


  • Increase in self-awareness regarding strengths, ​weaknesses, and areas of personal growth.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of their personal ​and professional purpose.
  • Craft a concise and meaningful purpose ​statement.

Whether your audience is grappling with self-doubt, ​people-pleasing tendencies, or the fear of ​judgment, Dr. Eboni L will offer a roadmap to ​reclaiming their personal power. They will walk away ​with a renewed sense of confidence, armed with ​the tools needed to navigate challenges and ​embrace change.


  • Build resilience to external opinions.
  • Learn to navigate criticism and judgment with ​greater ease.
  • Practice self-compassion, forgive themselves for ​past mistakes and focus on personal growth

This talk is designed for individuals at all stages of ​their personal development journey and applies to ​all aspects of life. Dr. Eboni L will share strategies ​for navigating the challenges of authenticity and ​provide actionable steps to help your audience live ​boldly and unapologetically.


  • Shift into a growth mindset away from a lack ​mindset.
  • Be empowered to embrace their personal and ​unique influence.
  • Learn to align their actions with their true selves.

The Significance Factor


5 Steps to discovering &

Creating a lifetime legacy

Stop trying to become who the gurus say ​& unlock who God called you to be

Whether you're stuck in your comfort zone, or you ​haven't yet realized your worth, this book provides ​the push that you need to move forward in to create ​a life full of potential, intention and of significance. ​Decide that you matter and start working towards a ​legendary life!

It’s the world’s business system versus God’s way of ​BEing and doing business. Dr. Eboni L. Truss has ​experienced this crossroads firsthand. Using biblical ​teaching, scriptural examples, and the transparency ​of her own journey, she invites you to discover how ​who God called you to BE is enough to build a ​business on.

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Satisfied Audiences

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Dr. Eboni L.

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"[With Eboni L] I gained clarity, healing, ​direction and a strong determination to ​move forward in living and fulfilling my ​purpose."


Ordinary World Photography

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“Eboni is fun, a little crazy, honest, sincere, ​and magnetic. She presented the content ​with passion and made it easy to follow. The ​content is excellent and I will reference it ​often.”


Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach

Legacy Health Coaching & Consulting

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“There's the spiritual depth and in her style ​she makes the Kingdom practical and ​accessible with humor and a level of ​realness that's makes it fun and engaging!”


Intentional Intimacy Collective LLC

Are you ready to empower your audience ​to unlock their personal power?

Dr. Eboni L is a seasoned expert in personal development and authenticity. She is capable and ​committed to take your audience on a journey of self-discovery. Through engaging anecdotes, ​thought-provoking insights, and practical tools, they’ll learn how to peel back the layers and reveal ​their authentic selves that may have been obscured by societal norms or personal insecurities.

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